Olive's Balloon Adventures

Discover the heart of Biblical Missions through the eyes of a young girl.


All episodes follow the same, familiar, four-movement story arch: Introduction, Exploration, Presentation, Application.

Movement 1: Introduction

Olive goes to the World Fair and talks to Mr. Johnson about a certain region of the world.
They get on the Hot Air Balloon ride and are transported to the focus region



Movement 2:


They meet an animal common or unique to the region. That animal takes them to a local community.
They meet a local child who shows them local customs and ways in which their lives are hard. 

Movement 3:


Mr. Johnson helps Olive recognize the best ways that she can help the community sustainably, physically, and spiritually.




Movement 4:


They go back home. Olive recaps what happened and Mrs. Johnson leads Olive (and the children watching) in a prayer for the people of that region.




Creative Team:



Polly Thatch


Susan Newcott


Polly Thatch (Left) and Susan Newcott (Right) created the characters and authored the original source material of Olive’s Balloon Adventure. Both grew up as children of missionaries in Cote D’Ivoire. Polly continues spreading the Gospel through missions work with World Vision. Susan is an artist and mother of five-children in Charlotte, NC..



Chris Himes,




Chris Himes is the Chief Executive Officer at Last Pew Media. Chris is an Emmy-nominated digital media producer with a passion for curating world-class content. Chris was a Supervising Digital Producer at NBC, working at Saturday Night Live and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. He has produced media for Salem Media in collaborations with Eric Metaxas.

  • Soar with Olive:

    Soar with Olive:

    through God's beautiful creation with hand painted backgrounds overlaid with simple animation.

  • Learn with Olive:

    Learn with Olive:

    about different cultures and mission opportunities while meeting new friends and animals.

  • Help, with Olive,:

    Help, with Olive,:

    Discover the needs of children in other cultures and explore how best we can love them through Compassion and Action.

  • Join Olive in Action:

    Join Olive in Action:

    Pray, with Olive, for her friends in different cultures and recognize opportunities to help.

Ready For Launch

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Initial Private Equity Raise:

  • $250,000 – Limited Opportunities
  • 10% equity partner in digital products
  • Co-branding for public funding rounds

Crowd Source Fund Raise:

  • $250,000 – Unlimited Opportunities
  • Facebook campaign, GoFundMe
  • 5% divisible equity
  • Funding level bonus